workshops & masterclasses

I offer specialist workshops on Devising, Uta Hagen Technique and Performing Shakespeare. I can direct and devise specific performance projects; site specific, applied theatre and community projects. I develop drama workshops for all phases of education and for adult learners, having experience of working with each of these groups over the last 20 years. I will tailor workshops to accommodate special educational needs, group size, language needs and different learning styles.

Qualifications and experience summary

  • BA Hons Drama and English

  • Post graduate Diploma in Professional Acting 

  • PGCE in Drama and English (Secondary) & Advanced Skills Teacher of Drama (AST)

  • MA in Shakespeare and Theatre (Distinction)

  • Professional actress and voice over artist

  • Equity & Spotlight member

  • Artistic Director of BA Professional Acting and 1Yr Professional Acting Diploma at Drama Studio, London

  • Experienced teacher and Head of Drama in maintained schools, academies, independent schools, mixed, single sex male and female schools and overseas schools. Experience of English, Scottish and international qualifications - GCSE, AS/A Level, Higher, Advanced Higher and IB Theatre Studies, BTEC

  • Drama examiner for SQA (Scottish Qualifications Agency) and the IB Diploma in Theatre Arts

  • CRB checked and Public Liability insurance


tuition - drama school entry

Lots of candidates need help getting into drama school.  What pieces do you choose for audition, do the pieces you’ve chosen suit you, what pieces have been over used and how do you direct yourself?  The truth is, it’s very hard when you haven’t had the training and the competition for places is fierce. I audition candidates regularly for drama school as part of my role as Artistic Director at Drama Studio London and can help you select appropriate, interesting and contrasting pieces, help you prepare them thoroughly and direct you in performing them. I can also give you a frank appraisal of your ability, if that’s what you’d like.


We will cover:

  • Performing successfully in classical text and choosing an appropriate monologue in verse

  • Movement and physicality of your chosen roles

  • Selecting a suitable modern piece, which contrasts with your classical one

  • Building a portfolio of monologues - selecting more than one of each as you may be asked to offer a different or additional speech

  • How to prepare your piece including the given circumstances, understanding the text and character preparation.

  • 1:1 direction of each piece

  • How to handle group workshops at audition

  • How to present yourself, what to wear and how to conduct yourself before during and after the audition


tuition - presentations, public speaking and interviews

Some people suffer from terrible nerves when they have to do a presentation at work or for a job interview.  Others find reading out loud horrifying, but have to do it for a course, for work or a even a friend’s wedding.  I can help you deliver a confident, engaging and enjoyable presentation, speech or performance.

How much does one to one tuition cost?

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost from £45, depending on your particular needs.  You can have the session in your own home if you wish.

Please get in touch for further details through the ABOUT page.