Agnes Eggling, A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY,  White Bear Theatre, Michael Williams

Catherine Blake, AND DID THOSE FEET, Putney Arts Theatre, Phil Matcham

Chris, THE EMPTY CHAIR, CPTP, Greyfriars Kirk House, Rachel Goldsmith

Hermia, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Bear Gardens, Patrick Tucker

Felicity, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU, BAC, Georgia Murphy

Polly, CRYING WOLF, Pandemonium Theatre Company, Paul Bassett

Lena, INNOCENCE, Fly in the Ointment, Sewell Barn Norwich, Ian McNicol

Marquis de Merteuil, QUARTET, Fly in the Ointment, Edinburgh Festival, Ian McNicol

Mistress Page/Katherine/Titania SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN ON TOUR, Theatre Bleu, Emmanuel Thirard

Varya, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, Colt 45, John Knight

Elizabeth, THE CRUCIBLE, Colt 45, Byre Theatre, St Andrews, John Knight

Queen Elizabeth 1, THE GOLDEN GLOBE, Pandemonium Theatre Company, Paul Bassett

Martha, THE LETTER BOX, Adam Smith Theatre, Morag Douglas

Miranda, THE TEMPEST, Fly in the Ointment, Ian McNicol

Molly/Minta, 123 SPLOSH!, The International Theatre for Children TITCH, Nick Pryor

Trish, KITCHEN, Norwich Arts Centre, Clive Mendus

Billy, MR DREAMMAN, Kenneth Vaughan Management, Kenneth Vaughan


Announcer, THEATRE PERFORMANCES, Arthur Cotterell Theatre, Ian Tyrell

Narrator, SEE THROUGH MY EYES, Arthur Cotterell Theatre, Phaedra Petsilas

Darren's Mum, TRAINING AT THE LGO, Local Government Ombudsman, Sue Machin

Narrator, TALES OF REVENGE, The Audio Book Company, Janice Hart

Announcer, CORPORATE IVR, Allied Telesis, William Annachiaro

Welcome voice, CORPORATE IVR, Allied Telesis Ltd. (Italy), William Annachiaro

Narrator, FISHING ON DRY LAND, Accord Productions/Fastworks, Jessica Turner

Julie, THE DEAD GIRL ON HOLMES ROW, Silverlight Productions, Annie Cole

Narrator, CHILD LABOUR:A GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY, Silverlight Productions, Annie Cole

Film, Teacher, CHERRIES, Free Range Films, Tom Harper

Short Film, Anya, WHEN IT'S OVER, Bryant/Cole Productions, David Bryant

Short Film, Jannike, TRAFFICKED, JE Productions, Jennifer Eriksson

Commercial, Daniela, TAKING PART IN CONVERSATIONS, Learn Direct, Joe Gough

Commercial, Headteacher, THE ART OF LISTENING, Learn Direct, Laurence Gough

Multimedia, Paula, BUSINESS AND E LEARNING, Deliverers, Joe Gough

Training Film, Marie, MANAGING DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS AT WORK, CMP Resolutions, Joe Gough

Training Film, Mrs Clarke, RED TRAY EDUCATIONAL TRAINING, Deliverers, Joe Gough


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